About The Trust

The Wanaka based Charitable Trust was established in 2009 to support families in the Upper Clutha area who were struggling financially because of the demands placed upon them by their children’s health issues.  To date the Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust has supported many local children in a variety of ways.

Upper Clutha families often face greater expenses than city based families because of our distance from specialist services and care.  Our area is the furthest distance from a base hospital in New Zealand and consequently travel for specialist consultations invariably involve an overnight stay.

Financial assistance is provided to families who reside in the Upper Clutha area across a diverse range of health needs.  As well as general health issues, developmental problems and physical needs are also covered.  Each application must be recommended by the family’s General Practitioner or another recognised health professional.

Trustees and Committee

All Trustees and Committee Members of the Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust are dedicated people with a keen focus on achieving positive community outcomes.  The work carried out by both Trustees and the committee is performed on an entirely voluntary basis.


Dave Evans – Chairperson

Pam Horne – Secretary

Derek Valentine – Treasurer

Jill Shriffer

Laurel Gilks

Diana McLachlan

Committee Members

Sally Battson, Jan Grant, Kate Lovell, Kate Wood, Noeline Harridge