Comments about the work the Trust does…

Comments from families assisted by the Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust:

“We are very, very grateful for the financial assistance the UCCMT has given us during our child’s recent illness and hospitalisation. Dealing with the illness whilst being away from home, with no income and no means to pay for the bare necessities for our family was extremely stressful and upsetting. The Trust was truly a blessing and is a great asset to our community. We hope that the community can continue to support and grow this very valuable cause.”

“We would like to say thank you to the UCCMT for their contribution to therapy sessions for our child. Already we are finding the counsellor’s input very beneficial.  We are overwhelmed with your generosity and understanding of our situation.”

“If it hadn’t been for your generosity with financial help, there would be no way that I would have been able to get the help my daughter so desperately needed.  May you be able to continue your kindness and support in helping others in the community.”

“The UCCMT provide, not only assistance to stay in this wonderful place, but genuine support from understanding people. Thank you for all your support and help during this difficult time for us. We really do appreciate your generosity.”

“Thank you so very much for your very generous donation to enable us to purchase a ‘freewheel’ attachment for our child’s wheelchair. This means she can now join in our walks down tracks and on the beach.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the family assistance we received for our daughter.  Through this support we were able to enrol in Play Therapy at a time our family needed it most.  We are stronger, more connected, aware and empathetic to what it happening in her world and why.  This understanding has had significant impact on our family as a whole and we hope to continue to grow, together.”

Comments from referring health practitioners:

As a local GP I am grateful for the existence of the Trust. Many hard working young parents genuinely cannot afford expenses involved in the medical care of their children, particularly if they are chronically unwell. I have used the Trust to help parents who cannot pay to take a child to an appointment in a base hospital, where the cost would have prohibited them from attending despite it being in the child’s best interest. I see the Trust as a very useful asset to the district when government/health agencies are unable to meet the needs of the child and their family, particularly in an area where they are already disadvantaged by lack of services.
Dr Jo Millis
Wanaka Medical Centre

As a children’s counsellor, I am so grateful to the UCCMT and the financial support they provide local families and children experiencing difficulties.  The UCCMT fills a need for children under the age of 12 who currently fall through gaps in government funded services.  I appreciate their passion and generosity, and have found the Trust easy to engage with and compassionate.  Thank you.  Frankie Dean, Registered Psychotherapist, Child-Centered Play Therapist

To have the support and funding from this Trust in our community is of enormous benefit to families who are struggling and have few choices. I am highly appreciative of their work because it means as a counsellor I can reach into and help families who otherwise would be left to face their crisis alone.
Liz Maluschnig
RN/Counsellor/ Parent Coach

The UCCMT have been extremely understanding and supportive in my request for funding. Many children don’t meet the criteria for government funded Speech Language Therapy, so private intervention is often required. There is a cost to this and some families are not in a position to fully fund this themselves. Thankyou to the wonderful committee who devote their time and expertise to this Trust to enable families with children in need to achieve their individual goals in the Upper Clutha region.
Susan Helmore BSLT (Hons) MNZSTA
Communicate Speech Language Therapy

Community Networks Wanaka is a resource hub for social wellbeing services. We work alongside families that are struggling financially and where support is needed with health related costs refer these families to the Upper Clutha Childrens Medical Trust.  The support provided by this trust is meeting a very real and growing need in our community and is greatly valued and appreciated by families and the wider community.  Thank you to the Upper Children Medical Trust for the time and energy they spend supporting the wellbeing of families in our community. Kate Murray, Manager, Community Networks Wanaka

Over the years, the Trust has facilitated access to professional assessment for many students with learning issues, as their families can find it very difficult to meet the costs involved.  This in turn results in better access to essential support, such as specialist tuition, or special exam conditions, enabling these young people to achieve their educational goals.  I am very grateful and cannot speak highly enough of the work of the Trust in providing such valuable assistance.  Anne Stercq, Registered Psychologist

As a paediatric optometrist I see many children who are struggling with their vision which leads to enormous impacts on their wellbeing and learning, especially in the most crucial days of their development.  The Trust has enabled many families to provide their children with the necessary eye care so that they can reach their full potential.  I strongly support the Trust and what it does for the local community, ensuring families are able to provide their children with health care services they need.  Danielle Winstone, Director and Optometrist, OCULA

Other supportive comments:

We commend your team for the great work you do.
Upper Clutha Lions

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. We do really appreciate the support you offer and the fantastic work that you are doing!
Aspiring Medical Centre